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An Entertainment and Recreation site!


                Welcome to Mr. Incredible's site!
Hello! I invite you to discover Prizee’s magical universe! Play for free so as to win fabulous gifts! There are over 20 Games to discover with Bubbly, the site’s mascot! Scratch Games, Brainteasers, Jackpot, Arcade Games, Letters games…Games to suit everyone! Today, Prizee is the first free games site in France with more than 4 Million people registered and 250.000 players/day! Prizee offer more than 100 000 Euros of Gifts! 
So hurry up to come and discover the games, it’s time to WIN !
If you want to find out more about Prizee go on the site page
                                    "More about Prizee"

Created about 5 years ago, the company has 42 employees.


...and these are Prizee's mascots: Sinkyfrog, Snuggy, Diabolo and Bubbly


Prizee, the world's most known site where you can win lots of gifts and money by playing FREE games


To register , win gifts and have a wonderful time in the company of Prizee just click on the picture above.