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Prizee, a french company initiated in 2000, created on the internet a new and unique way of winning: on-line free games. No, it's not a casino site, just a simple one where you have the posibility to play a series of flash minigames, most of them are scrapping games, and others like bomberman, tetris, etc. You have some settled goes at anygame and day after day, you gain euros in your virtual " Treasure Chest". When you will be full of winnings, you will be able to command many sorts of presents from the Gift Shop ( High-Tech, Beauty & Fashion, Cheques, etc.) or  by Auction and Tombola.
I thought that you might answer yourselves: Where does Prizee have money from just to pay me?
So....this is the explanation: Besides of your free goes at the games every day, every player has the posibility to buy extra goes. You can do this by using a Priz'Pass. These Priz'Pass are nothing than some acces codes that will allow you to have some more goes wich means more money! You can buy them with your credit card, paypal, etc. from the site where one priz'pass costs 1.15 euros. So at every code bought, Prizee gets 1 euro. And as the games are funny and pleasent there are many buyers. To know all about these codes and where can you get them from, go to the site page PRIZ'PASS and you will see that you can purchase them from other sites like Prizee by playing free games.

If I caught your attention, and I'm telling you that it's worthing get registered on Prizee and win many Gifts by clicking on this banner


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